(Video) This Is A True Winter Super Shelter! Check Out How Easily It Was Made

We all know that survival in the winter is a whole lot more difficult than it is in the warmer seasons. That biting cold, snow and rain brings a lot more difficulties to the table.

No matter how much you might like the winter (and I certainly do), you have to admit the above is true.

One major difficulty about winter survival is simply the matter of find a warm and dry shelter. You can survive in the summer without one, but no way in the depths of the winter months. In the winter it’s critical to your very survival that you have a shelter available – and soon!

It’s not only vital to your physical well being either. Having somewhere warm and dry to shelter in is essential to maintaining a good state of mental well being as well.

One winter shelter option is shown on the video over the next page – it shows the complete process, even installing a wood stove for heat (sorry though – there’s no wifi!).