(Video) Wow! The Mobile Bug-Out Shelter This Prepper Built Is Truly Amazing

When it comes to surviving in a post SHTF world we’ve all got several options to consider. We could try hunkering down in our own homes or maybe constantly travel from one place to another. They all have their pros and cons, but for me the best option would be bugging out.

To me it just seems the smartest option. Leave the chaos of a disintegrating society far behind you, head out into the wilds, with the resources you need in your bug-out pack and scavenging or hunting for food along the way. With the right skill set, this works like a charm.

The most difficult aspect though about bugging out is constructing your shelter. A shelter is vital for keeping you warm and dry and also for storing your gear. But, if you’re regularly on the move, building new shelters all the time is a huge amount of effort.

So this prepper simply built his own totally mobile bug-out shelter, and it’s genius! Best of all he’s put together a video tutorial on how to make your own.

Head over the next page to check out the mobile bug-out tutorial.

I’m definitely thinking of building my own after watching this!