Use This SECRET Technique To Hone Your Knife Edges To Razor Sharpness!

Knives are the number one essential survival tool as far as I’m concerned. Jut possibly it may be possible to survive out in the wilds or after SHTF without one, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to try doing it, and I’m sure that you probably feel the same.

But, the thing is with a knife, that no matter how expensive a brand you purchase, how perfectly balanced it is, or how cool it looks; if it doesn’t have a really sharp edge on it then it’s just so much useless metal.

Without that razor edge, your knife won’t be able to to the jointing of that animal you just shot or cut that piece of wood to the shape you need. Also, a sharp edge is a safe edge. A blade is a lot less likely to slip if it’s properly sharpened.

So that’s why you should check out the technique over the next page on getting that razor edge your knife needs and deserves.