Don’t Attempt To Cross A River In The Wilderness Without Watching This Video First

Crossing distances in the wilderness can be a challenging task to say the very least. There’s so many different things that can cause injury and death out there and if you’re not well prepared both in terms of equipment and knowledge then you’re chances of survival can be very slim.

Experienced hikers and preppers understand this. That’s why the savvy ones are always on the lookout for ways to to enhance their survival skills. They’re never stupid enough to think they know enough.

One of the most difficult and dangerous tasks in the wilds is that of having to cross a river, especially if it’s in any sort of flood. One slip of the foot, and you could easily end up losing your life. Knowing how to do this safely is a vital skill to learn.

So the video over on the next page is one you should definitely watch. The guy demonstrating the technique is a very experienced in the Alaskan terrain and most of us could learn a lot from him.