That Rising Hot Air Means Wasted Energy – AND Money! Learn How To Insulate You Home For Under $200

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If there’s one thing that’s bugged me all of my life, to the point where I’ve really begun to hate it, then it’s cold! There are I’m told some people that actually like cold! I guess there are people that also like whacking themselves over the head, but I’m not one of those either!

No, cold to me is just something that needs to be banished from my life, and that’s why I’ve always ensured that every home I’ve owned over the years has been well insulated. It’s mainly to keep in the warmth of course, but also because the Scrooge in me can’t bear to see all that expensive energy going to waste.

And it is expensive energy, and t’ll keep on getting more expensive. But the problem for many people is that getting a home professionally insulated is just so damn expensive you want me to pay how much?!

Fortunately there are cheaper alternatives, so head over the next page to find out how to insulate your own home for peanuts.

It sure beats getting cold!

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