(Video) He Took 2 Logs And A Rope. How Clever Is This Trick? You Be The Judge!

Many articles and videos on the subject of prepping and survival refer often the the “old days” and the old fashioned ways of doing things.

Really of course that’s not at all surprising, because those old fashioned ways are what we’re going to have to rely on after the SHTF disaster strikes us. The current high-tech and highly pampered world that we all live in will be no more. There will be no smartphone apps to help us out and we’re going to be reliant on simple ways of doing things.

This is going to prove the downfall of most of the population who have made no effort to prepare and will have no idea what to do when society collapses. But not preppers like us. We’ll have prepared a toolkit of old fashioned skills that will enable us to get through and prosper.

Skills like this trick on the next page – how to make a winch from a couple of logs and a piece of rope. Simple but genius.