4 Ways That Pine Trees Can Become Your Greatest Asset After SHTF!

Trees are without a doubt one of the greatest blessing that Mother Nature has bestowed on the world, and this is especially true for us preppers. There are just so many ways that trees can help us.

This is especially true for pine trees. There’s a never ending list of resources that can be obtained from them. It has edible bark, pine needles, cones and sap that can all be used to our advantage. In fact you can use almost every single part of a pine tree.

So it would pay you now to locate the nearest source of them to you, so that you have a supply ready and waiting after Doomsday hits the world.

You might also want to consider planting some at your bug-out shelter or homestead so that you have your own private supply of them.

Over the next page you’ll see some eye opening reasons why these trees are so useful and amazing. From highly nutritious food to sources of shelter, the ubiquitous pine tree has it all!