According To Military Pilots, This Super-Berry Improves Vision – If You’re Smart You’ll Grow Them!

If you any sort of smart prepper, then by now you should have started your own survival garden. If you haven’t yet done this, then you need to get organized about it as soon as possible. After all food is going to be one of the primary necessities after SHTF and having your own private and renewable supply puts you at a big advantage.

So what sort of foods should you grow in it? Well, that does depend on where you live and also your tastes, and there’s any number of gardening sites to help you out with this.

But, there’s one berry in particular that I admit I’ve only heard of recently (at least as far as it’s super-berry status). What is it? Why it’s our old friend the bilberry! Often mistaken for blueberries, the bilberry is a lot less well known, but that should change in my opinion.

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