This Video Is Uncomfortable And Confronting, But Also Important: Who To Avoid At All Costs After SHTF

The huge majority of articles and videos posted up on prepper sites (yes, including this one) are geared strongly towards what you should do. You should eat these types of food, you should be looking at building this types of  shelter, you should look at these alternate weapons and so on.

It’s not that often that you see a video on what you shouldn’t do, although they occasionally do appear, such as what sort of wild foods you should avoid eating.

This simply ties in with natural human psychology. We find it much easier to think about individual positive goals we should aim towards rather than things we should avoid doing.

This video however breaks that pattern. It goes into considerable detail about the sorts of people that should definitely be avoided post SHTF. People who might do you harm, steal your precious supplies and equipment or just people who might mentally drag you down.

Head over the next page to watch it. It’s certainly thought-provoking…