5 Smart Prepper Strategies For Women – Especially Those Living Alone

If you’re a woman and you also have a passionate belief in the necessity of developing a prepper mentality and lifestyle then you’ve undoubtedly discovered long ago that the prepper culture is totally dominated by men, and women are very much pushed to one side.

Well it’s time to rectify that! Our lives are every bit as important, and we’re every bit as concerned about the well being of our families as well as ourselves.

As women, especially as women who are on our own at least a large proportion of the time, we understand only too well that we face dangers that men do not. It shouldn’t be that way, but the fact is that is how things are.

So you would be wise to study the survival strategies for women on their own outlined over the next page from Backdoor Survival.

Even though these are specifically written with women in mind, many also apply to men living alone…