3 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods That Preppers Should Be Eating NOW To Prepare Themselves For SHTF!

Since the very dawn of humanity, illness and disease have been constant and very much feared threats to our lives, and while it’s certainly true that modern medical science has massively reduced that risk, it’s still very much there, and will assume even more importance after SHTF.

When the coming catastrophe does happen, we’re not going to be able to rely on professional medical help to get us well – at least not for a very long time. So we have a responsibility to look after our own health as much as we can. And that means starting right now!

We should be looking carefully now at what sort of foods we put in our bodies and what sort of exercise we get.

One of the major medical threats that currently haunts humanity is that from cancer. Cancer is a lot more treatable now with modern drugs and things such as chemotherapy than it was even ten years ago. But that word still strikes dread into us doesn’t it?

The threat from cancer will be even greater after SHTF when we no longer have those treatment options. So check out the article over the next page from Off The Grid News on the super-foods we should all be eating now to prepare ourselves.

Remember – your health is your responsibility…