Do You Know What’s The Best SHTF Transportation Option? It’s The Old Fashioned Bicycle!

Transportation has always been important to us humans. In order to be able to function in our modern day society, it’s vital that we have the means to move our frail bodies around from one location to another. Whether it be down to the local mall or across the other side of the country for a business meeting, transport is a vital necessity.

That;s going to be just a true after a SHTF disaster (although the distances involved are likely to be less). We’re still going to need to get around to hunt, to gather food or collect firewood, and once fuel supplies run out, are cars are going to be nothing more than rusting piles of junk.

There are various alternatives to motorized transport of course:

  • walking
  • horses
  • canoes (if you have a handy river or lake)

But there are problems with all of these. Walking is very energy consuming and distance limited and horses need large amounts of food to keep going.

But there is one very viable contender, namely the good old-fashioned bicycle. As a kid I used to ride around everywhere on my bike and i couldn’t imagine living my life without it. It’s going to prove just as great a friend to us after SHTF.

Need more convincing? Then head over the next page to check out this article from The Survivalist Blog on why you’re really going to need a bike post SHTF.

I’ve already got mine ready for when it’s needed…