3 Critically Important SHTF Tips For Reliable Ammunition Storage – It’s No Use If It Doesn’t Go Bang!

We all understand that after SHTF the world will be a far more dangerous place than it is now and that self defense and in particular our weapons are going to assume a huge importance. It’s just no good amassing a massive store of prepper supplies and equipment if we can’t protect them and ourselves from the bad guys who will be trying to take it off us.

The primary go-to weapon of choice for most of us is obviously going to be a gun, or guns of some kind. After all, guns are compact, long range and deadly.

But there is one thing that all guns need, and that is ammunition, and if that ammunition store is unreliable then those guns are going to be able to be used as a makeshift hammer, but they won’t be of use for anything else.

So you need to ensure you read and understand these three ammunition storage tips over the next page from Survival From Blog in order to be confident you’ll still get bang for your buck!

Don’t find out the hard way that you screwed up…