(Video) Improvised Emergency Weapons For Your Bug-Out Bag – In Case Your Plans Fall Apart After SHTF

You can probably take it as a fact that immediately following a SHTF situation that things will get very rough. Rough and dangerous! You won’t be the only one trying to survive the situation, so will everyone else, and the competition for food and any survival resources will become very ugly and very quickly.

So while ensuring you have sufficient supplies and equipment in your bug-out bag is vital, it’s also essential that you have some means of defending them, and yourself. So, you need some kind of weapon ready to hand, and that’s most likely going to be a gun of some kind, after all they’re compact and deadly.

But you may not always be able to rely on that gun. You may simply run out of ammo, or it could be lost or stolen. So that’s when you need to be able to quickly improvise a makeshift but effective weapon, quickly.

So that’s why I recommend watching the video over the next page. It’s a concise, but thorough overview of ways to ensure that you never find yourself in an unarmed position

Remember, defense after SHTF is a vital consideration!