Is Big Brother Watching You? Use These Clever Tips To Avoid Facial Recognition Technology

We’re all very familiar with I.T. technology these days, in fact we have no choice in the matter if we’re to survive in a modern day world. Facebook, Twitter, texts, emails. Our lives are run by them and without them now most of us would feel very lost.

Mostly technology is a good thing. Personally, I love the net and spend many hours browsing it, and using tools such as Facebook helps me to keep in touch with my family and friends wherever I am. And hey, if it wasn’t for this technology you wouldn’t be able to read my blog!

But, there is a darker side to technology, and it poses a real threat to personal freedom and liberties. Advanced software now allows for automated tracking of individuals net usage as well as their physical movements. In fact the latest breed of intelligent surveillance software even attempts to analyze what our intentions are – how scary is that?

The world of Big Brother really is here, but the good news is that there are ways to beat it.

Go over to the next page to learn some of the ways you can beat this software. Especially face recognition tecnnology.

It’s important we all learn this – before it’s too late!