This Is The Best Selling Survival Gear That Preppers Are Buying Right Now

Humans are quite strange creatures, don’t you think? Compared to other creatures out there we’re physically very weak. We don’t have dangerous claws or teeth and our senses of sight and smell compared to many other animals are puny.

And yet, we’ve risen to become by far the dominant animals on the planet, and we’ve managed this of course because of our superior intellect. It’s this thinking power that’s enabled us to build and use those devices that have propelled us to the top – our tools.

As preppers, we’re used to buying gear and tools that will help us survive and prosper after SHTF when other, unprepared humans perish. So the quality of the gear we buy is hugely important. Are you sure you’re buying the best?

Working on the theory that the best selling item is likely to be best for the job, the list over the next pageĀ is compiled by the guy at Grey Wolf Survival and details the current best selling prepper gear items.

Don’t take chances by purchasing inferior gear…