4 Basic Skills That You Must Possess In Order To Call Yourself A Prepper

There’s one thing that separates the true prepper from the simply wannabee (of which there are many). It’s not having all the equipment, although that is incredibly important. It’s not having weeks of the right food stashed safely away, although again it’s something you’ve definitely got to have.

No, the thing that separates out the true preppers is that they have put in the long hours are hard work to perfect all of the skills that they’re going to need in order to be able to survive in the harsh post SHTF world.

Without the necessary skills to be able to use it, all that equipment is going to be so much junk. Without the skills to replenish your food supplies when your stores run out, you’re going to starve. So it’s skills that will do it.

So I was interested to come across the article over the next page from the Prepper Journal about their views on the 4 non-negotiable skills that a prepper must have.  See if you agree with them.