(Video) So This Guy Takes 3 Branches, Ties Them Together, And Then What? The End Results Are Totally Impressive…

It’s been mentioned before in this blog, and many other people have made the same, somewhat self-evident point, namely that if you really want to learn how to survive out in the wilderness with minimal equipment then the best people to look to are the Native Americans.

After all, they’d been living here for thousands of years before the rest of us turned up and had to learn the (very) hard way how to survive into an environment that was often brutally harsh. Given all that. it’s hardly surprising that they have a wealth of knowledge that they can pass on.

One of the most critical survival aspects is shelter, and the Native Americans were masters at making ¬†secure shelters from almost nothing, as is shown here. The guy in the video found a design for a traditional shelter made by Native Americans. You’ve most likely heard of it: the tipi.

If you need a shelter that’s safe, durable and easy to construct then this design is definitely one to consider, so head over to the next page and check the video tutorial out.