How To Start Your Fire Using Sugar (And No Matches) – Mind Blowing!

If you’ve ever done more than a couple trips out into the wilderness, then you’ve probably experienced the dreaded situation of finding that your matches are wet, the rain is bucketing down and there’s just no damn way of starting that fire going!

It’s bad enough if this happens at the end of your trek, but when it happens on the first day then it just turns the whole trip to crap.

Even worse though is if this were to happen after SHTF. Then the whole thing becomes a lot more serious. You won’t have a secure home that you can relax your cold and weary body in and you just have to get some life saving fire going somehow.

Thankfully though there’s a neat fire starting solution that just requires some sugar from home and one other easily obtainable ingredient. The video on the next page shows you how it’s done.