(Video) Check Out This Miniaturized And Waterproof Survival Kit!

Let’s be quite honest about it – there’s probably as many different opinions as to should should be included in an emergency survival kit as there are preppers! All of us have our own fiercely guarded opinions on the subject that will differ from everyone else. But, let’s at least try to find some common ground.

Most preppers worthy of the name have a full sized bug-out bag prepared and ready for use. But these can be big and bulky, and you may be in a situation where it’s simply not available. So that’s where a mini survival kit becomes so use. It contains some essentials to keep you going but can be carried around with you anywhere. Ideally it should also be totally waterproof as well.

It’s your choice what to include in your kit, but the video on the next page offers some helpful suggestions.