7 Things You Can Find In The Wild That Look Edible But You Shouldn’t Ever Eat!

Many preppers pride themselves on their ability (or oftentimes what they believe to be their ability) to survive out in the wilds. And many are truly experienced in this are – they have all the gear and all the training.

But some of us aren’t quite in that league, at least not yet. When it comes to wilderness survival we’re likely to struggle to cope. Probably the one area this is most true is in the matter of hunting and gathering food resources. Food and water are the two primary survival requirements but still most people are unsure about what they can or can’t eat.

It’s a skill that’s vital to learn, because sometimes you may come across something that looks as if it’s going to be good to eat, but doing so would kill you! So with that in mind, it’s a good idea to check out this list of items you should avoid at all costs.

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