If You Need To Get Outta Dodge When SHTF Then These Are The States To Head Towards

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You’ve probably got your short term survival plan sorted out. How you’re going to survive those first few weeks after the SHTF disaster strikes. You’ve got your food supplies stashed away and you have all the equipment you need, plus a bug-out location sorted.

Maybe you even have the medium term sorted – say for the next few months. But what about the real long term? It’s quite possible that following a massive catastrophe that the collapse of society will last for years, decades even, and we need to keep this in mind and plan for it.

One of the biggest considerations for true long-term survival will be where to live. Maybe you’re already in a good location for this, but quite likely you won’t be.

The prepper who wrote the article over the next page has definite ideas on the subject. I agree with some of them, but not all. See what you think.

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