Take Note Of These Strange But Useful Wilderness Hygiene Items

There’s an awful lot written about wilderness survival (much of it total rubbish!). There’s probably a million plus articles concerning it somewhere on the net, and we’ve published more than a few on this very blog. It’s not surprising there’s so much written, because being able to survive in the wilds is a vital SHTF skill to learn.

However, there’s one aspect of wilderness survival that’s almost never mentioned, and yet it’s a vital one. That aspect concerns your own hygiene while you’re out and away from normal civilization.

Proper hygiene is important not so much because you’re going to start smelling quite bad, and quite soon. No, we can all put up with some unpleasant body odor. It’s important because good hygiene helps to prevent us picking up any dangerous microbes that would otherwise make us sick, or even kill us. The danger from these pathogens is far greater in a non-sterile wilderness environment than it is at home, so your hygiene becomes even more vital.

Fortunately though, Mother Nature once again comes to the rescue and provides us with a number of options to aid your personal hygiene!

We cover these natural options over on the next page.