(Video) Why The “Hobo Fishing Kit” Should Be a Part Of Every Survival Kit (And How To Make Your Own One)

On almost every place on earth, fish are available for catching, and pound-for-pound they provide the best quality source of protein and many other nutrients available. Doctors advise us to increase the quantity of fish in our diets, at the expense of traditional meat and poultry for a very good reason – it will help us to live longer and more healthily.

And yet, when thinking about obtaining wild food, most preppers and survivalists immediately start thinking about hunting while almost ignoring the bodies of water all around them and the food potential they provide.

It’s time to change our thinking people! Your survival kit should definitely include fishing gear, and this Hobo Fishing Kit fits the requirement perfectly. It has it all – line, lures and reel, and it can fit in just about anything.

Check out the video on the next page to see how you can make your own Hobo Fishing Kit.