Scientifically Proven And Genius Tips For Surviving An Airplane Accident

Not that long agao, most people had never heard of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack threat and those that had mostly placed it firmly in the realm of science fiction. The whole notion of it seemed just to fanciful and out of left field that it just didn’t seem anything to worry about.

Nowadays that old complacency is fast disappearing. CheaperĀ satellite technology is now placing the possibility of EMP weapons in the hands of even small countries (think North Korea for example).

In case you weren’t aware, an EMP weapon devlivers an intense pulse of energy that is sufficient do destroy all unhardened electronic circuits, thereby taking the target back to the dark ages effectively.

Depending on where you are at the time, the effects can be very bad indeed – on an airplane for example! Airplane crashes are tough to survive, but not always impossible – there is hope for survival.Ā If you know the right places to be and the proper things to do, you can give yourself pretty high chances of living to tell the tale.

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