Wild Animal Attack Survival Plan – How To Survive Any Animal Attack!

As a dedicated prepper, you probably spend some time hike and camping out in the wilderness, both to train yourself for the coming SHTF and also probably because you simply enjoy it. I know that I certainly do. There’s something totally magical about getting off the beaten track and being on your own, or with someone very close to you.

But of course there are dangers when you’re out in the wilds and out of touch with the normal day-to-day world. You could get injured falling and need medical treatment, you could get totally lost and end up dying of starvation – and many hikers do this each year. As a prepper though you’ve most likely got contingency plans ready to deal with this.

But there’s one significant danger that often overlooked and that’s the possibility of attack from wild animals. Bears, wolves, mountain lions and so on are all well equipped to kill, and while they don’t attack for no reason, it’s not always easy to know when you’re provoking them. You might be seen as a threat to their young, or they may feel that you’re blocking their escape path.

The key though is knowledge. You need to understand what they’re scared of, what repels them and what is likely to make them attack. So make to to read the ANimal Attack Survival Guide over the next page: