(Video) The Top 3 Guns For Preppers Who Are NOT Firearm Experts

Guns are a part of life in America and it’s been that way ever since the country was founded. The right to own and bear arms in enshrined in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Preppers especially seem to understand this fact more than others. They understand why it’s going to be so essential for self defense after SHTF that a store of weapons is prepared and that this must include firearms of some sort.

So perhaps we don’t always appreciate the fact that many would-be preppers don’t know much about guns, or indeed may not know anything at all.

If you’re included in this, then I suggest taking a look at the video over the next page. In fact take a look even if you believe yourself to be an expert and give us your opinion about it.

Remember, self-defnese is not something to take for granted…