DIY Project: Make A Waterproof Hammock So comfortable You Won’t Believe What It’s Made From!

Preppers by our very nature are ingenious and creative people. We fully understand that when the catastrophic SHTF disaster does happen then every single item we have to hand is a potentially inclusion in our survival plans.

We’re also people that start to get obsessed with DIY projects, because we know that doing them helps to hone our prepping skills and will enable us to not only survive, but flourish, while other people are dying or eking out a miserable existence.

So I’m always on the lookout for new and simple DIY projects and that’s why I wanted to share this one with you. How to make a simple waterproof hammock – something that’s you’ll be really glad you learned when you need to stay cozy and dry.

The unusual thing about this one is the material it’s made from – yep, good old duct tape! So read on…

The Supplies You Need To Gather Are:

Sturdy bamboo stake
Couple rolls of duct tape.

The Step By Step Directions To Follow:

1. Cut  garden stake into two 3′ (91.5 cm) lengths. Make marks approximately 1.88″ (4.7 cm) apart, along  length of each.  Line up  two stakes 6′ (1.8 m) apart on a nonstick work surface, tape them in place.
You can use any rigid, strong beam that tape adheres to well, such as a dowel or aluminum rod.

2. Starting at  outer edge of one of  stakes, lay down one long length of duct tape, attaching  to  stake at either end. Leave  space  width of one piece of duct tape, lay down another long length of tape the same length as, and parallel to, the first one. Repeat all the way across to the other end.

3. Apply shorter pieces of tape across  long pieces, forming a checkered pattern. Use  rotary cutter to trim away  excess tape along  long sides. Leave about 2″ of tape overhanging  stakes.

4. Lift  stakes, wrap overhanging tape around each.

5. Flip it over. This step is tricky and best done with a partner.

Working with a partner: Each person should hold one of  stakes at both ends. Lift stakes, pry hammock away from  table. Keep  hammock taut enough that it doesn’t fold and stick to itself. Flip  hammock onto its back, lay  flat.

Working solo: Hold onto both stakes, lift  hammock to pry it from table.

Raise one stake high above  other. Make sure  stakes remain parallel to prevent  tape from sticking to itself.

Bring  higher stick across  lower one. Drop  lower stick, switch hands. Continue bringing  higher stick across  lower one. The sticky side of  tape should now be facing upward.  Pull  lower stick in  opposite direction,  lower  hammock back onto  work surface.

6. Tape opposite side. Apply fresh tape to  sticky side of  hammock.  You will not be able to pull two pieces of duct tape apart without damaging  hammock.

Start with  shorter pieces. Unroll  length of duct tape wide enough to span  width of the hammock. Hold  tape at both ends.  Hover  tape over  strip to make sure it’s aligned, lower it.

7. Then make sure you apply your long pieces of duct tape. You should unroll about twelve inches at one of your ends. Then make sure to press your tape into place as you work going to the opposite end of the hammock. Keep unrolling and putting twelve-inch pieces of your tape until you get to the end. When this is finished, the mesh is done.

8. Then put a three-foot long piece of your duct tape on the area you are working in, making sure the sticky side is facing upward. Take the second piece of your duct tape and place it on top of the first piece of your tape, with the sticky side facing downward. Make sure these are smooth and bonded together. Then cut these pieces in half going lengthwise. Finally, repeat this until you have fourteen three foot pieces or straps.

9. Take each piece and loop it around your stake. Then fold your end back towards the piece of tape, making sure to overlap the tape by two inches. Make sure to use some outdoor grade duct tape at the end of your strips.

Oh, but that’s not all! Some other finishing steps you’ll need to do are:

    • Grab your eight-inch piece of your duct tape and cut it in half going lengthwise. Then pull both of your hammock parts into the middle and put them together with some duct tape. Do this again on the other end.
    • Now fold this stack and make a loop, and then grab some duct tape to keep the loop together. Cut off any pieces that are too long, and make sure to leave around twelve inches of your straps going past your binding.
    • After, remember to fold your two-inch strap ends back against the loop. Use the duct tape to place around this fold to make sure it stays in place.

So what are you waiting for? Get on and make your own duct tape hammock!

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