Unexpected Prepping – What To Do If You Have To Prep On The Fly

Preppers are great at making detailed plans. We’re organized people by nature and we understand that surviving that SHTF situation requires us to be fully prepared in advance.

But what happens when that disaster strikes suddenly and without warning, while you’re nowhere near  all your prepping resources? Maybe you’re working in the middle of the city, or perhaps even worse you’re hundreds of miles away on a business trip – what then?

fire starter offer In either of these scenarios it’s highly likely that you won’t have a great deal ready with you. You’ll certainly be caught with your guard down, but htere’s no need to be caught with your pants down as well! There are steps we can take to prepare ourselves for this very possible situation.

So check out the giude over the next page on unexpected prepping and be ready when the sudden SHTF happens: