Bugging Out Is Inherently Dangerous. Here’s How To Stay Safe When Getting Out Of Dodge!

Bugging out is an important, or more realistically vital skill that all preppers really need to learn.

The ability to sit out a disaster situation in you own secure shelter with all the necessary resources to hand is very smart, but what if you don’t have the time and money to be able to do that? Then it looks as if you’ll need to think about bugging out.

fire starter offer Bugging out requires more basic survival skills, and certainly a lot less resources, but it’s also a very risky thing to have to do. There’s no doubt that in this scenario you’re a whole lot more exposed, and therefore you really need to give time to seriously thinking about your own safety in a bugging out situation.

You need to learn what the biggest hazards are likely to be and how to avoid or mitigate them, so make sure to read the bugging out safety tips over the next page: