4 Ways That The Good Ol’ Bungee Cord Can Save The Day When SHTF

There are some everday items that are just so useful that leaving them out of a prepper kit would just seem to be unthinkable. Torches and mylar blankets are two such things that come to mind, but one of the most useful has to be the plain bungee cord.

Evac3 Tool offer I’ve lost count of the number of them I have. I keep on mislaying them and then buying more, only to find the original ones again the next day! But I couldn’t imagine not having some around.

Good preppers quickly become adept at finding multiple uses for their items of gear. Anything that can be used in multiple ways is going to be a whole lot more useful in the long term.

It’s not particularly obvious at first look what alternative uses we can find for bungee cords though. Sure, they’re fantastic for holding things down or together, but then what?

So head over the next page to see some more ingenious uses for the humble bungee cord: