Add These 3 “Stealth” Weapons To Your Prepper Arsenal And Gain The Vital Element Of Surprise!

Prepping isn’t exactly the most covert of activities is it? We have bulky shelters, big piles of supplies and more gear than we generally know what to do with. So we do tend to stand out from the crowd.

All of that preparation does tend to make us stand out from the crowd of course, and in turn that also makes us targets after SHTF for the great majority of the population who have no no prepping at all. All of that food and gear is something they need, but don’t have. So we need to plan our arsenal very carefully.

Obviously that means guns of some kind, and the great bulk of preppers have those stored and ready. But it’s always good to have a backup of some sort if that gun isn’t available for some reason, and preferably something that you can easily keep well hidden from any would-be attackers.

So check out 3 options for stealth type weapons over the next page and give yourself an edge…