5 Natural Major Disasters That SHOULD Provide Lessons For All Of Us

Most people don’t prep at all! I added the exclamation mark because it’s a simple fact that still absolutely stuns me – most people just go bumbling blithely through life believing that they’re going to be safe, and if there are any unexpected disasters then the politicians are going to ensure they’re taken care of.

What a joke!

As a Prepper of course, you know that’s just total garbage. Politicians, more than any other group of people look out for their own interests and, when the major SHTF situation happens. they’ll run for their elitist sanctuaries.

You’ve more than likely prepared for the various man-made SHTF situation, such as terrorism, civil breakdown and so on. But most preppers I think still give insufficient attention to the disasters that Mother Nature can dish up.

So, here’s a list of five fairly recent major natural disasters that happened. All of these situations will happen again, so hopefully they’ll spur you into making sure that you’re ready for them.

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