Earthquakes Can Totally Devastate An Urban Environment – So Put Together This Easy Survival Kit!

Most of us preppers have thought about and prepared for the various man-mad threats that we perceive as being our primary dangers: things such as terrorist attacks, civil breakdown, criminal acts and so on.

We’re definitely right to prepare for these things, they represent real and likely occurrences. But, all to often we tend to forget about the disasters that are controlled strictly by Mother Nature, and these can often be far more deadly and devastating than anything other humans can inflict. The sheer scale of some natural disasters can be huge.

Top of the list to me are earthquakes. When these events hit they can wreak havoc on entire cities and cause massive loss of life and the physical damage to basic infrastructure can have effects lasting for years.

I’ve been in a big earthquake, and for me the thing that sets them apart from other natural disasters is their total unpredictability – they really do just happen with no warning at all; one moment life is normal and then in a few seconds all is changed – and their scale also sets them apart.

So, when I came upon the article below I just had to share it with you. It’s a really excellent and easy to read piece on putting together a basic earthquake survival kit (also has relevance to other situation obviously), and I strongly recommend it.

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