9 Incredible PVC Pipe Projects You Can Easily Make In A Weekend!

I’ll be honest, I like spending my weekends doing fun things like fishing, watching sport and drinking beer – to me they all seem like ideal ways to pass the time.

Unfortunately for me, my wife more often than not has other ideas about how I should be spending my weekend time, and most of them are not really fun at all!

There always seems to be some chore that apparently I’ve been putting off and now is the ideal time to be doing it (or them). So, I figured that if I’m going to have to do some constructive stuff, then at least I could make it fun.

So, I’ve found this great list of really useful and pretty easy projects that I can make, all using PVC pipe. So sorry Honey – I’m busy this weekend!

All these projects are from our friends at Survival Hacks.

Invite nature into your yard with a bird feeder.

[image source: Survival Hacks]A boat, believe it or not. You wrap this structure in tarp, carefully, and float away.

[image source: Survival Hacks]
A simple carport if you have no garage or need more space.
[image source: Survival Hacks]
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