10 SHTF Vehicles You Can Totally Rely On When Doomsday Arrives

When the coming major SHTF disaster strikes, then, unless you’re already fortunate (or prepared) enough to be living in a rural homestead, the chances are pretty high that you’re going to need to “Get Out Of Dodge” in quite a hurry.

If you are in this situation, then you’re going to need access to a vehicle that you can totally rely on. A vehicle that you can be sure will start when you need it to, that can carry a lot of gear safely and that will get you and your family through some rugged terrain and situations to a place of safety.

It also – and this is often given scant attention – will need to be fuel efficient as well as rugged. Fuel is going to become precious after SHTF, so you need transport that will make the most of every drop.

These considerations rule out most of the fragile¬†vehicles currently on the roads. They simply don’t cut the mustard in a survival situation.

Check out the list of 10 vehicles over the next page that you can rely on when you need to get the hell out, and fast!