(Video) This Guy Finds An Old Washing Machine Motor. What He Does With It? Totally Amazing!

There’s no doubt about what constitute the top three survival needs, namely food, water and shelter. But what happens when we have these requirements sorted out? Do we just stop and put our feet up? No! We should be continuously trying to make our SHTF environment better,┬áso that we can have a life, rather than a mere existence.

fire starter offer There is one fairly obvious element to our current lives that isn’t an essential in a SHTF life, but if we take the trouble to implement it can certainly make things a whole lot better, and that is electricity. It’s hard to believe, but electricity has only been an integral part of life for some hundred years or so, but it now is so prevalent that it’s hard to imagine having to cope full-time without it.

There probably won’t be any power plants functioning, so we have to be able to generate our own electricity somehow, and tyhat’s just what the guy in this incredible video has done, using an old washing machine┬ámotor as his own personal power plant.

It ain’t nuclear for sure, but see it in operation over the next page: