3 EDC Fire Starters That Preppers Should Think Of As Their Best Friends!

When it comes to prepping it’s totally easy to go completely overboard when it comes to gathering equipment – a new super-dooper high tech bug-out bag here and a fallout shelter there and before you know it you’re bankrupt!

Sure, you need to be well prepared, but it’s possible to do this on a reasonable budget. The key is to ensure you’re equipped with the essentials first and that these purchases are of tried and true equipment – items that have a long history and a good reputation.

One essential for me would be a reliable means of fire starting (or ideally have a couple of means available). In a bug-out or survival situation the ability to create fire on demand is going to be crucial to survival and without it you’re going to be in a very bad way.

But honestly, how many people that you see around you now do you think would have the skills to be able to start a fire within the next 15 minutes? Not many.

PLEASE: Make sure that you don’t fit into this category, by always ensuring you have at least one of the alternative fire starting means on the next page available.