Cure Your GPS Addiction – Navigate The Old Fashioned Way By Using The Sun And Stars!

It’s so easy to find your way around these days isn’t it? We just switch on the GPS unit in our car, or enable the app on our smartphone and hey presto – we know where we are to with a couple feet. Who could want for more?

What most people never stop to think of though is that GPS, like so many aspects of our modern day lives, is totally dependent on the closely interlinked functioning of multiple high-tech systems. If any of these systems should fail – even partially – from something like a solar flare, or even a cyber attack from a foreign government then you GPS app is totally screwed.

Not such a problem if you’re just driving around the city, but if you’re relying on a GPS unit out in the wilderness then you’re in big trouble. So it’s a really good idea to have a backing like celestial navigation. Even after SHTF, the sun and stars will still be there for us to use!

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