If You’re NOT Doing This Twice A Year Then You Simply Aren’t Prepared!

Any prepper worth his or her salt will have some sort of bug-out prepared and ready for use. After all, there’s no guarantee when or where that SHTF disaster is going to strike, and having that bag ready and waiting is a great insurance policy.

But just wait a minute there. Are you really sure that bug-out bag of your really is ready and waiting? You see, the problem is that most preppers prepare their bags and then simply toss them into the corner of a closet and forget about them, feeling that they really don’t need to look at them again until such time as they’re going to be needed.

Unfortunately nothing is further from the truth. You should definitely be looking inside that bag at least twice a year, checking the contents. Looking for things such as broken tent poles and checking the food and water containers for punctures or contamination.

If you don’t remain vigilant in this then you’re never going to be 100% certain about the reliability of that bag.

Now go over to the next page and find out something you might not have considered checking a second time because you were so certain it was OK the first time you looked.

Take a look, you may be surprised!