(Video) The Warning Signs To Impending Global Economic Collapse And The Dangers Of Being Unprepared

One of the biggest hurdles that both new and experienced preppers face is in actually understanding what type of threat we should be preparing for. After all, there’s probably a thousand different scenarios that could face us, and while there are some general techniques that will help, it’s always good to have more specific details.

For this reason, as preppers we should always be making serious efforts to keep up with the news of what’s happening in the world at the current time. Not just in our own local area or even country, but the sort of potential threats that are looming even on the other side of the world, but that could ultimately impact us (think North Korea for example).

If you make it a regular part of your day doing this then you’ll quickly learn to spot patterns and trends that should be monitored – This video teaches that perfectly…


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