10 Items That You Can Use To Barter With If The Economy Tanks And That You Probably Have Right Now!

Don’t be fooled by rosy reports emanating from various media outlets, The worlds major economies are in a mess, a real monster size pile of manure in fact. The fragility of the whole system was starkly exposed in 2008, and while some tinkering has been done since then, the reality is that it’s been little more than window dressing.

That’s why so many top business owners are taking steps to build themselves mega survival shelters and buying up large tracts of land in far off places like New Zealand while they still can – they show that economic SHTF is a matter of when, not it.

When it does happen then it’s likely to be swift, and the effects on ordinary citizens deadly. So, it’s something we should all be preparing for now, and one skill that’s definitely going to stand us all in good stead is the ability to barter.

The problem with bartering though is that we need something to barter with – like the 10 things over the next page