(Video) A Survival Skills 101 Lesson You Should Know: How To Survive Any Wild Animal Attack

As a prepper, I’m guessing that you would spend quite some time out in the wilds – both to hone your survival skills, and probably because you’ve also learned to love it? There’s something magical about being out in the wilderness, far from any other human and also the petty problems and distractions of modern life.

There are of course many dangers associated with wilderness living, and that’s one of the reasons that we do it, so that we know how to deal with them. We can get injured by a fall, we could get lost and run out of supplies, and of course there’s also the dangers from Mother Nature herself, especially when it comes to a wild animal attack.

Wild animals never attack without a reason, but the problem is that you might not realize that you’ve inadvertently created a reason somehow. So take the time to watch this very informative and interesting video, it might just end up keeping you alive…


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