(Video) Save Your Hard-Earned Cash! Here’s 5 Military Surplus C&R Rifles You Can Buy For Under $500

When it comes to surviving after SHTF then self-defense is going to come right at the top of your list when it comes to knowledge and supplies.

It’s no good having a year’s worth of food stashed away and enough water purifying tablets to supply an entire army, if you’re going to be killed by the first rioter or thief that comes along.

So, you need to put together a stash of weaponry, and you need to develop the skills to make effective use of them. And what better item of weaponry is there than a reliable gun? They can be used to hit threats at a long distance and let’s face it, they act as a pretty damn effective deterrent as well.

So what is the perfect gun type that meet both of the above criteria? The good, old-fashioned rifle. They hit hard and accurately from a long distance, and it’s pretty obvious to any would-be attacker what you’ve got in your hands.

The problem is though that they can get really expensive, and if you’re on a tight budget (who isn’t?) then the price can easily get out of reach.

So that’s why you should watch this genius video showing you the 5 very best military surplus rifles that will all meet your survival needs and that you can pick up for under $500 each…

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