(Video) These Are The Most Important Things To Carry If SHTF In The CITY!

Many people think of preppers as being people hiding out by themselves in a wilderness situation.

While lots of preppers would see this as being a good situation, the fact is that these days the majority of the population live in cities, or at least in densely population urban environments. That’s just the way it is.

So that means that when the SHTF situation suddenly comes upon us then we’re very likely to find ourselves stuck deep within a concrete jungle with a lot of very desperate people all around us.

In situations like this, then we as preppers need to be able to think clearly and calmly and rise above the panicked mob all around us. We need to have a pre-prepared plan clearly defined for just this scenario that we can automatically put into action.

We also need to have with us some essential survival items at all times, and this top rate video is going to show you just what they are. So watch it!

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