(Video) Genius Home Security System Is Made From Mousetrap And Glow Stick! How? Find Out!

Home security is something we should all take seriously, and at all times, not just in SHTF situations.

There’s a lot of bad or even evil people¬†out there, and many of them would just love to break into your home and either steal your hard earned property or hurt, or even kill your family.

This situation of course will become hugely worse once the disaster scenario unfolds. As we all know, most of the population are really nothing more than naive fools. Fools who have not made any preparations for disaster situations at all, and who are now going to find themselves in desperate  situations with no food, water or supplies. People you once counted as friends are likely to become potential enemies.

So, you need to install some sort of security system. But let’s be honest, some of them are way too expensive, and others are just plain useless!

So that’s why I’ve shared this amazing tutorial with you on how to make your very own home security system for peanuts!

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