(Video) So This Guy Finds A Large Spider Hole. What he Does? OMG – I Didn’t See That Coming!

In primitive tribes, being brave enough to put your hand into a large dark hole, without having any idea what was inside it was considered to be a test of manhood. If you were brave enough to do it then you passed the test. Of course you might actually pass the test but end up dead as well!

These days (thankfully) most of us are a lot more circumspect about this. The normally sane among us don’t go sticking our hands into large spider holes.

As the late actor, Vincent Price once said about fear: “No man likes cobwebs. They are sticky and the idea of what produces them … No.”

Head over to the next page to see what happens when one man decides to stick his hand down inside a hole without knowing what’s in there – he may think twice next time!