(Video) She Demonstrates How To Make A Deep Hole Fishing Trap. The Results Are Impressive To Say The Least!

Throughout the world fish – whether marine or freshwater – form an integral part of the human diet. And it would be true to say that of all the areas of the world, South Easr Asia would have to be the biggest consumer per capita of fish, and by quite a big margin at that.

Fish and related seafood are consumed in huge amounts in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and the learned many different and effective techniques of catching them over the centuries.

As is the case with this Cambodian lady. She’s demonstrating an ancient fish catching method. She’s using a deep hole fishing trap, and it’s very effective.

Head over the next page and watch as this hard working young lady shows how to make a deep hole fishing trap.

It looks quite easy to do, but it obviously provides plenty of food for her family, as well as probably having something left over to sell at the local market!