Could You Identify These 6 Highly Venomous Snakes While Bugging Out?

There’s a whole load of dangers that we have to learn to contend with while we’re bugging out or spending time out in the wilderness. Freezing cold, fast rivers, animal attack – they’re all quite potentially life threatening.

But there’s one danger – and one that exists right throughout the country – that’s often overlooked, and that’s the risk of snake bite.

There are many different species of snake found throughout the United States. Most of these are quite harmless, bit mixed up with these are a small number of species that can deliver venomous bites that can make you very sick, or dead.

The trouble is, that it’s often very difficult to identify snakes, especially when they’re young. They can move fast, and oftentimes you’ll only get a quick glimpse of a small part of their bodies.

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