(Video) Camping And Survival Hacks That Will Help Make Life Just That Little Bit More Comfortable

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I’ve always loved camping and hiking. My first memory of camping would date from when I was around 4 years old and it’s been a part of my life pretty much ever since.

There’s something just so cool about being away from the everyday life and sleeping under canvas. Life somehow seems to be just so much more real and intense (in tents? – sorry!), and I always seem to have a feeling of real peace at these times.

But as I’ve got just a little bit older (ok, quite a lot older), I’ve come to appreciate things that can help make the experience of camping a little bit less hard on the body, and that’s why I always take not of camping and survival hacks. Being out in the wilds doesn’t have to mean being hard on yourself.

If you’d like a bit more comfort in your camping then head over the next page check out the useful little hacks on the video…

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